oh my goodness i can’t believe i can finally access this account again

anyways, hello!!! this is colleen, (previously known as) tumblr user wynaut/fuuwante/zero-reverse, and this is a long update post about my life and my blog

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Hello everyone! I think this will most likely be the last post I will ever make on this blog. This is tumblr user zero-reverse, and I would like to announce for the final time that I have switched blogs! Please either unfollow this one or follow my new one if it appeals to you. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!


by ベルちぁん


a request from cas-cara


(via wet-nightmare, missiku)


not even a tool


street art in Stockholm

Just a quick reminder for people who don’t know

I switched blogs for personal reasons

my queue is still going on this blog, however

if you want my new url, leave me a message in my inbox so I can send it to you.




Savior of the Waking World and Savior of the Dreaming Dead
Gonna do godtiers later.

gosh kaf this is really pretty! ;u;

my babies.